How to Fix Logitech K270 Keyboard Keep Disconnecting Error

Logitech K270 is a popular keyboard for those of you looking for an increase in input devices that will boost your productivity and creativity. But recently, many Logitech K270 keyboard users say they are facing the problem of continuously disconnecting the device. Considering the dedicated online discussion forums, discussing this issue is a big deal.

This error occurs in the mouse and keyboard combo series, the Logitech MK270, which works with the integrated receiver. It means the mouse and keyboard are connected via a single wireless receiver.

Suppose you are also using the same product and are looking for a way to fix a Logitech K270 keyboard that suddenly drops out. Here Logitechsoftwarecenter will discuss how to deal with the keyboard keep disconnecting error.


Why Does Logitech K270 Keep Disconnecting?

To solve this problem, You must first understand the error that occurred. Keyboard disconnection may be caused by the following factors including:

  1. Poor connection strength of the receiver
  2. Problem with the connected port.
  3. Keyboard drivers need to be updated.
  4. Internal fault with keyboard component.
  5. Minor glitch with Windows keyboard support.

The above factors indicate that the sudden disconnection of the Logitech K270 keyboard is not only a hardware problem but may also be related to a glitch in the software. So how to fix the error you are facing?

Well, a few practices can help correct and avoid mistakes in the future. Below are some of the easiest and most effective ways to fix the Logitech K270 that keeps causing disconnection and reconnection issues.

How to Fix Logitech K270 Keep Disconnecting Error?

1. Troubleshoot Keyboard Using “Windows Troubleshooter”

If the error does not lie in your computer’s port, the keyboard will most likely face an internal fault. It can be anything. Hence, it would be best if you ran Windows Troubleshooter for the same.

  • Press Windows + I on the keyboard to open Windows Settings.
  • Scroll down to find the Troubleshoot option.
  • Click More Troubleshooters for more options.


  • Click on the Run button and follow the instructions for the same.

The steps above will automatically detect the problem (if any) and will fix it. When running the troubleshooter, ensure your device is connected to the PC. Otherwise, running the process is fine.

2. Check your PC Connections and Ports

Check the port of the connected device with Logitech K270. Connect and disconnect the receiver keyboard. However, something is missing if the error keeps repeating itself after a few minutes of process disconnection and connection receiver.

In such a case, connect the device to a different port on your PC. If switching ports works, you know where the problem lies and may need professional help to fix the damaged port.

Note: Changing the port refreshes the installed drivers and restarts plug-and-play for the device.

3. Configure the Receiver Using Logitech Unifying Software

Logitech Unifying Software is designed for devices with a unified receiver, such as the Logitech K270 keyboard, that connects multiple devices to a single receiver. Your PC may be unable to determine how two devices are connected to one port.

Therefore, you have to configure the device manually. You can use Logitech Unifying Software to avoid configuration problems. It can help you avoid errors like the Logitech K270 keyboard keeps disconnecting.

If you have never used Logitech Unifying Software, download it and follow the instructions after installation. If Logitech Unifying is not detected correctly, there are a few fixes.

4. Update Logitech K270 Drivers

If none of the solutions above have solved the problem, then your keyboard driver is most likely outdated. It is one of the most common problems that cause errors. Drivers are very important for a keyboard, especially for wireless devices.

You can visit and download all Logitech K270 drivers here. However, there are several categories of installers available for download. There are three downloads available for the Logitech K270 Keyboard:

  1. SetPoint
  2. Firmware Update Tool
  3. Logitech Unifying Software


Conclusion about “Logitech K270 Disconnecting Error”

If your K270 keyboard keeps disconnecting and the reconnection error is getting out of hand, the methods above may help. Just apply these methods one by one, and you will get the solution.

The Logitech K270 keyboard is one of the most popular choices due to its functionality, extra features, and affordability. The keyboard has no drawbacks other than disconnection errors and outdated driver issues.

Suppose you have other problems and questions about the Logitech K270 Keyboard. In that case, you can visit the Logitech official website to get the problem solved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my Logitech keyboard keep disconnecting?

Check the battery for your Logitech keyboard product. Low battery power can affect overall connectivity and functionality. If your keyboard has a removable battery, try removing and reinserting the battery into your keyboard. Make sure your operating system is up to date.

Why won’t my Logitech K270 keyboard connect?

If the K270 keyboard and mouse are separate, follow these steps: 1) connect the keyboard to a different port. If the K270 keyboard and mouse are together or the previous steps didn’t work, try the following: 2) Check the battery in the K270 keyboard. 3) It’s probably a driver error if that doesn’t work.