How to Fix Logitech G300S Code 10 Error: Keep Disconnecting

Logitech G300S Code 10 errors are standard in the gaming community. This issue often occurs due to connectivity and other issues. In this article, we will learn how to fix your problems with Logitech G300S.

What is Logitech G300S?

Logitech G300S is a low-latency gaming mouse for people who want to enjoy their gameplay to perfection. Although these devices are designed to enhance the user experience, some issues do occur.

One of the frequent problems with the Logitech G300S is a code 10 error: the mouse keeps disconnecting when in use. If you own a G300S and face a problem where your mouse disconnects, this article is right for you. Here, we will discuss why the problem occurs and how you can fix it.


Why Does My Logitech G300S Keep Disconnecting?

The code 10 error and the sudden mouse disconnection issue occurs for some reason. Some of the most likely are:

  1. Missing or Outdated Mouse Drivers.
  2. Twisted or Damaged Cable.
  3. Loose Connection Problem.
  4. Software Configuration Issues.
  5. Damaged PC USB port.

Most problems related to loose connections, damaged cables, or damaged USB ports can be fixed with the help of hardware devices, and you can do it yourself. The two issues that are the focus of attention are:

  1. Drivers are missing or outdated.
  2. Problem with software configuration.

Let’s see how to solve this problem and get the most out of your Logitech G300S gaming mouse.

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How to Solve Logitech G300S Code 10 Error

1. Restore Software Configuration to Default

If you used Logitech Gaming Software/ Logitech G HUB to configure the Logitech G300s, you might have made some changes to the configuration. It’s natural to look for options when your device is behaving strangely. However, it frequently changes configurations, which can cause disconnection errors.

Logitech Gaming Software, commonly known as LGS, is software used to configure settings for your Logitech gaming accessories, including the G300S mouse. If you have installed the application while looking for a fix and made changes to the configurations, you should roll back them and revert to the default settings. Here’s how to do it:

  • Run the App to explore the different device configuration options.
  • The tool works in profiles. The profile you create is considered the persistent profile, while the profile with the default configuration is known as the default profile.
  • As soon as you open the profile, you are currently using. You can find various settings such as pointer settings, DPI settings, and others. You can find the Restore Defaults button on that settings page at the bottom right. It looks like this.
Restore Defaults LGS
  • Click on all the areas that you have changed. Revert to the full default profile, then try disconnecting and reconnecting the device on your PC.

In these 4 simple steps, you can fix the problem. If the error is caused due to a device misconfiguration from LGS, this should help.

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2. Update your Logitech G300S Drivers

If Logitech G300S keeps disconnecting, you should check Windows Drivers and Updates. Device drivers are essential for properly functioning your PC and connected devices. However, many users ignore it thinking that updating drivers is an automatic process and happens with minor Windows updates.

It’s only possible to know if a driver needs updating if something goes wrong. You can use the manual method to update the Logitech G300S driver.

You can visit Logitech’s official website if you have questions (FAQ) about the Logitech F310 Gamepad Driver.

Turn on and Run the Logitech G300S

Your Logitech G300S is fine and facing minor issues due to the abovementioned issues. Just use one of the repair methods, and it will start working again. No need to stress! The information shared in the post will help.

If you need help determining what error is causing the mouse to disconnect during use, start by updating your drivers, as in most cases, it will work. Share your experience in solving the problem. Good luck!

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