Logitech C922 Software, Driver, Setup, and Customize

Logitech C922 Software and Driver Download for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome OS. Also available are a manual setup guide, specifications, installation guide, and Software Review. This article also contains a brief review of the C922 Webcam software that you need. We hope you enjoy this page.

So, before using this C922 webcam, we recommend installing Logitech webcam software first. Logitech created three (3) software that can support this webcam, namely Logi Tune, Logitech Capture, and Logitech G HUB software, which is powerful and user-friendly to enjoy outstanding features and performance.

And then don’t forget to customize and settings your Logitech C922 with the software to control the camera, recording, editing features, Integration with video conferencing or live streaming software, and access all features on your webcam. However, before downloading any available software, ensure your device is compatible with that software version.

Logitech C922 Software Introduction

Although many of us stick with laptops and front-facing cameras on our smartphones, personal webcams still have their place. If you look for a webcam, you will be flooded with dozens of different models – most of them by Logitech.

Logitech C922 will undoubtedly look familiar to the owners of Logitech C920. The point is the two devices are the same. The Logitech logo has been updated to a new design, and the logo is given more advantages next to the lens than tucked in the lower right corner.


Logitech C922 comes with a compact black rectangle design perched above your screen. The single lens peers from the center while the dual microphone tilts to the side. Given how aggressively Logitech has been redesigning peripherals in recent years, you would think it might see a more general improvement on the Logitech C922.

The lip of the Logitech C922 is slightly longer than the Razer Stargazer, so if you have an ultra-thin monitor bezel, it might be unpleasant because the mouth hangs slightly in front of the screen. Your other option is to mount the C922 on a tripod (preferably a real one). Logitech includes a mini tripod that can be opened, and the telescope is about seven inches tall.

XSplit Premium

Logitech C922 Webcam offers 1080p recording at 30 frames per second and 720p recording up to 60fps. That’s feasible, but some might not be satisfied enough in the era of 4K and high frame rates. Dual microphones for stereo audio are a great feature because this is a feature not found on all devices.

Plus, the cradle Logitech uses for web cameras is proper and can sit on a desk or be attached to most monitors. Add an excellent low-light correction, the ability to remove the background from the video and replace it, and a 3-month license for XSplit Premium, and you have a reliable webcam at a fair price.


The Logitech C922 is quite good, but putting it on your desk does not produce a perfect camera angle that cannot display your entire face. You will have better results putting it on a shelf or maybe on a high computer loudspeaker, provided you already have such an arrangement.

Among this sea of ​​webcams, the Logitech C922 Pro Stream even ranks as the best webcam, in our opinion. So, if you want to ensure the Logitech C922 Pro Stream is suitable, you can be sure it has a big thumbs up from us.

Logitech C922 Specifications


  • H x W x D: 29 mm x 95 mm x 24 mm
  • Weight: 5.71 oz (162 g)
  • Cable length: 1.5 m


  • Max Resolution: 1080p/30fps – 720p/60fps
  • Focus type: autofocus
  • Lens technology: Full HD glass
  • Built-in mic: stereo
  • FoV: 78°


  • Windows 8, Windows 10 or later
  • Mac OS 10.10 or later
  • Chrome OS
  • Android v 5.0 or above

Logitech C922 Software Compatibility

The Logitech C922 Webcam is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows 10 or later, macOS 10.15 or later, iOS 14 or later, iPadOS 14 or later, Linux, ChromeOS, and Android 8 or later. Logitech provides Logi Tune, Logitech Capture, Camera Setting, and Logitech G HUB to use the full webcam features and technology.


Below Are Details For Logitech C922 Software Compatibility:

  • Windows: Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 10, and later versions.
  • macOS: Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 or later versions.
  • Mobile Devices: Compatible with iOS 10.3 or later and Android 5.0 or later.
  • Streaming App: Skype, Zoom, OBS, and Discord.
  • Platform: YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Microsoft Teams.

It is always recommended to check the device compatibility list on the Logitech Support website for the latest information and to ensure the device you use supports all the features of the Logitech C922 Pro HD Webcam.

Logitech C922 Webcam Software Download

We are committed to providing you with the best experience for your Logitech devices on our website. That’s why we offer a variety of free drivers and software for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Mac OS to ensure your Logitech devices work optimally.

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We have the drivers and software you need to get the most out of your Logitech devices: Logitech Webcams, keyboards, mice, headsets, speakers, or other Logitech devices. It allows you to customize Logitech devices to your liking.

One of the advantages of downloading drivers and software from our website is that they are free, safe, and without harmful viruses or malware. So you don’t have to worry about costs – all our drivers and software are free to download.

Below are the latest versions of software and drivers for the Logitech C922 on Windows and Mac:



Logi Tune for Windows

  • Software Version: 2.08.11
  • Last Update: 2023
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • File Size: 114 MB

Download Here

Logi Tune for Mac

  • Software Version: 2.08.12
  • Last Update: 2023
  • Operating System: macOS 10.14, macOS 10.15, macOS 11
  • File Size: 139 MB

Download Here



G HUB for Windows

  • Software Version: 2023.8.459147
  • Last Update: 2023
  • OS: Windows 11, Windows 10
  • File Size: 40.6 MB

Download Here

G HUB for Mac

  • Software Version: 2023.8.459147
  • Last Update: 2023
  • OS: macOS 13, macOS 12.0, macOS 11
  • File Size: 16.5 MB

Download Here



Logitech Capture for Windows

  • Software Version: 2.08.11
  • Last Update: 2023
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • File Size: 114 MB

Download Here

Logitech Capture for Mac

  • Software Version: 2.08.11
  • Last Update: 2023
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • File Size: 114 MB

Download Here



Logitech Camera Settings for Windows

  • Software Version: 2.12.20
  • Last Update: 2023
  • OS: Windows 10
  • File Size: 23.9 MB

Download Here

Logitech Camera Settings for Mac

  • Software Version: 3.0.23
  • Last Update: 2023
  • Operating System: macOS 11.0, macOS 10.15, macOS 10.14, macOS 10.13
  • File Size: 36.4 MB

Download Here

It is the latest version of the Logitech Software directly from Logitech Support. If you have problems with this link. You can contact us at admin@logitechsoftwarecenter.com. Logitech Software and Drivers for your computer or laptop can be downloaded from a trusted link at this website. We provide the latest version for you.

Logitech C922 Webcam Setup and Manual

The Logitech C922 is supported by the Logi Tune / G HUB / Gaming Software. Setting up your webcam should be easy! Here’s a general guide to help you get started.

Logitech C922 Pro HD Webcam Overview:

  1. Autofocus
  2. LED activity light
  3. Universal mounting clip
  4. Dual microphone
  5. USB-A cable

Note: Full custom with Logi Tune / G HUB / Logitech Capture Software

Connecting a webcam via USB-A

Connect the C922 Pro Webcam USB-A connector to the USB-A port on your PC or Laptop. If the connection is successful, The LED activity light on the webcam will turn on when an application is using the webcam.

How to place on the monitor

  1. Place your C922 Pro webcam on your PC or laptop monitor at your desired position or angle.
  2. Adjust the C922 Pro webcam so that the feet on the universal mounting clip are flush with the back of your device.
  3. Adjust the C922 Pro webcam manually up and down in the best position to frame yourself.

Suppose you need a more complete and detailed setup guide. In that case, We’ve provided all the manuals and setup guides you need to start your Logitech C922 Pro HD Webcam. We’ve provided all the user manuals and setup guides you need to start here. If you still have questions, browse the FAQs at the bottom.


Logitech C922 Setup and Manual Guide (PDF):

Download Here

Step By Step How to Install Logitech C922 Software

Download Logitech C922 Pro HD Webcam software or drivers. The installation will start in a few steps. In the first stage, you need to connect your webcam to the PC and select the language you are using. Furthermore, select the type of configuration (select default settings). The installation process starts. Finishes the installation, then tests the webcam to work.

You can download the Logi tune / G Hub / Logitech CaptureLogitech Camera Settings from our website for the Logitech C922. Here are the simple and easy steps to download and Installing the software on Windows and Mac:

Installing Software on Windows 11, 10, and 8

  1. Click the link (Download Here), select (Save), specify “Save As,” then click (Save) to download the file.
  2. The downloaded file will be saved in the specified place in (Zip, Rar, or .exe) format.
  3. If the file is in Zip or Rar, you must extract it before installing it.
  4. Suppose the file is in exe format. Then, double-click the downloaded file to decompress it, and the installation will start automatically.
  5. The software application is now ready to use.

Installing Software on Mac

  • Download the file (Download Here). Specify the file storage location, and check your computer settings.
  • After that, double-click the downloaded file and install it in the Disk Image.
  • Then, double-click the mounted Disk Image.
  • Double-click the packaged file in the folder. The installation starts automatically.
  • The software application is now ready to use.

Once the software is installed, connect your Logitech C922 Pro HD Webcam to your computer using the USB receiver or Bluetooth, and the software should automatically detect your webcam.

How to Update Logitech C922 Firmware?

Logitech C922 is a good webcam with comfort, features, and high performance to support your streaming activities. To keep webcam performance stable, update software and drivers regularly so that you are always using the latest firmware released by Logitech. You don’t need to worry about performance degradation or problems that may arise, such as experiencing errors or bugs on your C922.

Updating the software is easy, and you can follow the steps below to update the software and driver for the Logitech C922 Pro HD Webcam on your PC (Windows or Mac OS):

Step 1. Visit Logitech’s Official Website:

  • Visit the Logitech website: https://www.logitech.com.
  • Locate the “Support” section.
  • Use the search bar to find the Logitech C922 Webcam.

Step 2. Downloads the Software:

  • Once you’re on the product page, find and click the section for software downloads.
  • Choose your operating system (Windows, macOS, or ChromeOS).
  • Look for the newest software version for your webcam that works with your OS.
  • Download it to your computer.

Step 3. Install and Update the Software:

  • After downloading the webcam software, run the installer to update the software.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on your app’s desktop screen.

Step 4. Restart the Computer and Test Your Webcam:

  • Don’t forget to restart your computer after you update any software so the system knows your firmware is changing.
  • Ensure that your webcam is working correctly after the update process. Test it in different apps to confirm that everything is functioning.
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NOTE: Do not unplug or turn off your Logitech C922 during the update process. If you have installed the Logi Tune or G HUB Software on your computer, you can also check for updates by opening the software and clicking “Check for updates” in the software settings menu.

Follow these steps carefully to ensure a stable internet connection during the update process. Regular software and driver updates can maximize the performance of the C922 Pro HD webcam, delivering an enhanced user experience.

Easy Steps to Uninstall Logitech C922 Software

Logi Tune app / Logitech Capture / G HUB is a powerful software for adjusting features and settings on your Logitech devices, including webcams, headsets, mice, keyboards, and more. Maybe you have a problem or need to change the software version because it does not support your operating system, so you must uninstall it.

To uninstall the Logitech C922 Pro HD Webcam software and driver, you need to open the device manager on your computer and follow these steps:

Uninstall Webcam Software on Windows

  1. Disconnect the C922 from your device.
  2. Open the Control Panel on your Windows PC.
  3. Uninstall Logi Tune / G HUB / Logitech Capture.
  4. Follow the software Uninstall process.
  5. Restart your PC.
  6. Verify the Uninstallation of software.

Uninstall Webcam Software on Mac

  • Switch to Finder, for example, by clicking on the desktop or the Finder icon in the Dock.
  • Select the Logi Tune / G HUB / Logitech Capture you want to delete.
  • Use one of the following methods to move apps to the Trash:
    • Drag the app to the Trash.
    • Select the app, then choose File > Move to Trash from the menu bar.
    • Select the app, then press Command-Delete on the keyboard.
  • When prompted for a username and password, enter the name and password of the administrator account on your Mac. This name and password are typically used to log in to your Mac.
  • To delete an app after moving it to the Trash, select Finder > Empty the Trash.

Note: If you are having trouble uninstalling the software using the steps above, try using a third-party uninstall tool or contact Logitech support for further assistance.

Using the above steps, you can remove or uninstall the Logitech C922 Pro HD webcam software program from your PC or Laptop. Removing the software is essential if you encounter issues or no longer require it.

How to Customize Logitech C922 with the Logi Tune App

When using the Logitech C922, you will be amazed by its ability to produce extraordinary video quality. This webcam has many features and has a great design. The C922 Pro HD is a high-end webcam with great video conferencing, streaming, and content creation capabilities.

Following are the features you can set up on the Logitech C922 Pro HD Webcam using the included Logi Tune software; you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Install the software on your PC or Laptop

  • Download and install the Logi Tune / G HUB / Logitech Capture software.
  • The installer will appear on your screen. 
  • Click Install to get started. 
  • After installing the application, a window will open and automatically detect your C922 webcam.
  • Follow the installation process and wait until the installation process finishes.

Note: Ensure the software is the latest version and compatible with your computer.

Step 2: Go to options in the software

After installing the Logi Tune / G HUB / Logitech Capture software, you will see all the C922 features and learn how to customize your webcam. Once you’re done with the installation, you can go on an adventure in customizing the webcam.

Step 3: Apply Setting and Save Profile

Most importantly, do not forget to apply and save your webcam settings changes.

Software features may change over time with version updates that Logitech releases. We recommend visiting the Logitech official website for the most accurate information and details about your Logitech C922 Pro HD Webcam.

Customization Setting on C922 Pro HD Webcam

You can access Logi Tune and Logitech Capture via the taskbar. This software is available for your Windows or Mac desktop and a mobile app. You can get it for iOS or Android smartphones to manage Logitech devices in the palm of your hand.

Here are some customization options and settings on the Logitech C922 Pro HD Webcam:

Resolution Settings: Use this feature to adjust the resolution and frame rate of the C922 Pro HD Webcam when video conferencing, live streaming, or recording content.

Customizable video settings: includes options for applying filters, backgrounds, and effects to videos. This feature is useful for streamers and content creators who want to be more creative when creating a video.

Automatic low light correction: The C922 works well in low light. This feature automatically adjusts camera settings to adapt to low-light and dimly-lit environments.

Integration with video conferencing and live streaming software: The software integrates with popular video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and more. For content creators, the software also supports integration with popular streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and more.

Set the frame: Logi Tune software lets you quickly and easily customize your frame with features like zooming in or panning your view across the desktop screen.

Color filters and image adjustments: Filters or effects are exciting and truly unique. This filter enhances the appearance of photos and videos produced by webcams and gives a distinct impression of our appearance. Plus, you can customize it to your liking using the Image Adjustment tab.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to update webcam software?

To update your webcam software or driver, you can download the latest software or driver from our website; after you download the software or driver, double-click to install it on your computer.

How to remove webcam software?

There are several ways to uninstall webcam software or drivers. The first way is to enter the control panel on your PC or laptop, then select uninstall a program. There, you can select Logitech and then uninstall the software.

Where to download webcam software?

Logitech webcam software or driver can be found on this website. There are several ways to find the software or driver you need. You can use the search bar to make it easier.

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