Logitech G29 Software Download, Drivers & Manual Setup

Logitech G29 Steering Wheel Software and Drivers Downloads for Windows 11, 10, macOS, User Manual, Setup Guide, Installations, and Review. Here, logitechsoftwarecenter provides it for you. Below we provide a lot of software and setup manuals for your needs. Also available is a brief review of the products you need. We hope you enjoy this page.

Logitech G29 Download & Installing

Logitech G29 Driving Force is a stylish feedback wheel, one of the few working with PS5 devices. Don’t you have PS5? Logitech G29 will also do work for PS4/PS3 and PC. This right steering wheel can radically increase your racing games’ enjoyment if you don’t yet have a power feedback steering wheel. However, it only offers minor improvements to the ‘classic’ Logitech G27, which doesn’t work with PS4 due to controversial compatibility issues.

Pros and Cons

  • Leather-coated wheels feel good
  • A decent pedal
  • Strong power feedback
  • Rotating and feedback feels ‘bad’
  • Very similar to G27
  • Some won’t like brightly colored buttons



Logitech G29 can give the best, so it looks and feels like a ‘real’ steering wheel. You who have owned or even wanted one of these wheels for years will surely realize that it looks very similar to the Logitech G27, its last-generation sibling. The Logitech G29 Driving Force comes with a diameter of 27 cm, with a mostly metal frame and leather finish. It has a sophisticated shape to give you enough ammunition to convince people that it’s not a toy. The critical part here is skin.

The feel of the Logitech G29 wheels is identical to the older Logitech G27. It seems that it was made to give a much better impression than the cheap wheels you might use. However, the seat feels useful, like a supercar-grade seat: there is a bit of soft ignorance to the two parts on the back.

Being a PlayStation-centric model has made Logitech release the G29 with all the buttons needed to control PS4 and PS3 without a controller’s need. Using it is very easy. All that’s missing is a pair of analog sticks, but you won’t start playing non-racing games with G29.


On the Logitech G29 besides decent pedals and full-color bonus buttons, one of the extra-nice features of the Logitech G29 is the LED screen, which is directly above the center of the steering wheel. This acts as a lap counter, letting you know when it’s time to change gears – beneficial if you have a low voice.


Shifting is done using a racing-style paddle behind each side of the steering wheel. They are sturdy, stable, and made of metal, giving you the right gear change action. The Logitech G29 steering wheel is capable of rotating 900 degrees. It allows two and a half turns before the steering wheel is locked. You will be delighted with what is offered by Logitech.

If you have never used the right power feedback wheel before, we think you will like it. This gives you a sensation of much more direct control over the car, where the gamepad you leave behind relies on visual and audio cues to judge when a car will be substandard or oversteered. With forced feedback, you can feel it because you can feel how the car (and the road) works against you when properly programmed. This works better with a more realistic Car Project.



  • H x W x D: 270 mm x 260 mm x 278 mm
  • Weight without cables: 2.25 kg


  • H x W x D: 167 mm x 428.5 mm x 311 mm
  • Weight without cables: 3.1 kg



  • Rotation: 900 degrees lock-to-lock
  • Hall-effect steering sensor
  • Dual-Motor Force Feedback
  • Overheat safeguard


  • Nonlinear brake pedal
  • The patented carpet grip system
  • Textured heel grip, Self-calibrating


  • Playstation 3/4/5
  • Powered USB port
  • Windows 8, Windows 10, or Windows 11
  • Mac OS 10.10+

Logitech G29 User Manual and Setup

Setup Guide (PDF):

Download Here

Troubleshoot G29 for connection Issues

  1. POWER → Identifies and diagnoses if the wheel receives the proper power.
  2. Logitech G HUB and Windows Controller → Use G HUB to validate that the wheel is correctly connected to your system and your input is accepted. Next, recognize that the wheel is visible in the Windows native controller module and ensure that all buttons work correctly.
  3. Steam Support → We will identify if the Steam Controller support option in your Steam title conflicts with your input.
  4. Advanced → Using Windows Registry Editor → This is to help resolve Wheel and Pedal Calibration Issues and a blank test page in Windows Controller Properties. This step is considered advanced because it involves working directly within the Registry. Please double-check your work before making any changes.

Logitech G29 Software Download


Logitech G HUB Software:

  • Software Version: 2022.9.312973
  • Last Update: 2022-09-21
  • OS: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • File Size: 40.5 MB

Download Here


Logitech G HUB Software:

  • Software Version: 2022.9.312973
  • Last Update: 2022-09-21
  • OS: macOS 10.15, macOS 11, macOS 12.0
  • File Size: 16.4 MB

Download Here

It is the latest version of the Logitech Software directly from Logitech Support, and please get in touch with us if you have problems with this link. You can contact us at this email: admin@logitechsoftwarecenter.com. Logitech Software and Drivers for your computer or laptop can be downloaded from a trusted link at this website. We provide the latest version for you.

How to Install Logitech G29 Software?


Download and Installation Procedure:

  1. Click the link (Download Here), select (Save), specify “Save As,” then click (Save) to download the file.
  2. The downloaded file will be saved in the specified place in (Zip, Rar, or .exe) format.
  3. If the file is in Zip or Rar, you must extract it before installing it.
  4. Suppose the file is in exe format. Then double-click the downloaded file to decompress it, then the installation will start automatically.
  5. The software application is now ready to use.


Download and Installation Procedure:

  1. Download the file (Download Here). Specify the file storage location, and check your computer settings.
  2. After that, double-click the downloaded file and install it in the Disk Image.
  3. Then double-click the mounted Disk Image.
  4. Double-click the packaged file in the folder. The installation starts automatically.
  5. The software application is now ready to use.

Logitech G29 – FAQs

How to update G29 Software?

To update your Logitech G29 driver or software, you can download the latest software or driver from our website; after you download the software or driver, double-click to install it on your computer.

How to remove G29 Software?

There are several ways to uninstall the Logitech G29 driver or software. The first way is to enter the control panel on your PC or laptop, then select uninstall a program. There, you can select Logitech and then uninstall the software.

Where to download G29 Software?

Logitech G29 driver or software can be found on this website. There are several ways to find the software or driver you need. You can use the search bar to make it easier.

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