How to Fix Logitech Mouse Wheel Not Scrolling

Need help with your Logitech mouse scrolling wheel not working, going up and down, or scrolling in the wrong direction? Follow these steps to fix the Logitech mouse scroll that is not working correctly.

A mouse helps users to use the computer effectively and efficiently. However, when an error occurs, the device does not function correctly. Historically, the Scroll Wheel has been a mouse feature since the mid-1990s. This is an important feature for interacting with operating systems, applications, and games.

But when the mouse scroll wheel goes wrong and starts scrolling in the wrong direction, how can we fix it? In this article, We will discuss fixing a Logitech mouse scroll wheel that isn’t working.

Causes of Mouse Wheel Not Scrolling

Identifying the exact reason behind the Logitech mouse scroll wheel not working is challenging. However, there are 3 common reasons:

  1. Dirt on the mouse wheel.
  2. Secondary low battery (if you are using a wireless mouse).
  3. Outdated mouse driver, which can be fixed by updating the mouse driver.

Therefore, try the various fixes below to find the one that works for you. All the solutions described below are simple, and we explain how to use them in the sections below.

Suppose nothing works for you, and the problem is caused by a hardware or technical error. In that case, you should seek professional help. You can contact Logitech support for the same.


Try these fixes:

Make sure your Logitech mouse is fully charged, then try the repair. You don’t need to try them all; work down the list until you find one that suits you.

  1. Clean the mouse dust.
  2. Check if this is an application-specific issue.
  3. Update your mouse driver.
  4. Repair system files.
  5. Uninstall conflicting software.
  6. Contact Logitech’s Official Website.

Step to Fix Logitech Mouse Scroll Wheel Not Working

Before looking at the solution for dealing with a Logitech mouse scroll wheel that isn’t working, understand the following things: by understanding them, you may not need to replace the mouse with a new one.

If the scroll wheel is damaged because the mouse was thrown on the floor, it may make sense to buy a new mouse. But if it wasn’t caused by physical damage, there may still be hope of being able to fix it. Here’s how to fix the Logitech mouse scroll that is not working correctly.

1. Clean the Mouse

Amazingly, most mouse scrolling problems are caused by dust and dirt. It collects in the area around the scroll wheel, interfering with the sensor and preventing accurate scrolling. But it can all be removed easily.

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You can clean the mouse by exhaling sharply on the scroll wheel or using an air compressor. In most cases, this can dislodge and remove some of the dust and dirt, promoting smoother mouse scroll wheel movement and functionality.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect the mouse and open the mouse parts.
  2. Use a microfiber cloth or air blower to remove dust. If any components inside are loose, repair them properly.
  3. Reconnect the mouse and see if it works.

Note: When you disconnect and reconnect the mouse, the mouse driver will restart automatically, which may help fix the problem. If this doesn’t help, connect the mouse to an alternative USB port. If it is a wireless mouse, make sure the connector and mouse are within reach.

2. Replace your Mouse Battery

If that doesn’t work, the problem is probably electricity, not dust. This will likely happen if you use a Logitech wireless rather than a wired USB mouse.

To ensure that the battery is charged, open the mouse, remove it, and try it on another device, or you can also check using the mouse’s built-in software. Then, check with the charger if you have one.

A battery above 30% charge should be fine, although you should consider replacing it as soon as possible.

3. Change Scrolling Settings

Your mouse has unique settings for click, double-click, speed, and scrolling. Irregular and erratic scrolling can be fixed through mouse settings. To do this in Windows, follow the steps below:

  1. Press Win Key + I to open Settings.
  2. Type mouse.
  3. Select Change how far you scroll with the mouse wheel.
  4. Adjust the slider on Choose how many lines to scroll each time (default is 3).
  5. Mouse test via browser or anywhere else that causes stuttering scrolling.

Note: If the default mouse settings don’t work for you, use a separate program installed for that mouse to adjust the settings. If you can’t find it, right-click the mouse icon in the system tray and open third-party software to change mouse settings.

4. Swap USB Ports

Whatever type of mouse you use, whether it’s a wireless or wired USB mouse, swapping the USB port on your PC or laptop can make a big difference to scrolling problems. Most computers have both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. Changing from one type of port to another can be very helpful here.

5. Corrupt Windows System Files

Corrupted system files in Windows can also cause Logitech Mouse scroll wheel problems. To resolve this issue, Windows repair is required to replace the corrupted system files. Admin recommends that you backup your files before running Windows repair to avoid losing any files.

To fix this, run the “sfc scannow” command followed by the “DISM command”:

  1. Run an elevated Command Prompt.
  2. In the Command Prompt, copy & paste the command – sfc /scannow
  3. Press the enter button to run the repair process. This can take a while, so be patient and don’t close the Command Prompt window.
  4. After the order is processed, you will get a message.
  5. Type the following command in the Command Prompt window – DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth.
  6. Let the repair process run, and restart the PC when finished.

Now, try using the mouse. The scroll wheel issue should be fixed.

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6. Update Mouse Drivers

As we know, a device’s driver can be damaged or have a conflict with other drivers when running. This problem is usually resolved by updating the driver. If you’re using Windows, this is simple and easy:

  1. Press Win Key + X.
  2. Then, Select Device Manager.
  3. Find and expand the “Mice and other pointing devices.”
  4. Right-click on the mouse device being used.
  5. Select Update Driver.

Wait until the driver updates. If this is the cause of the error, your Logitech mouse’s scroll wheel should now function normally.

7. Check if the Mouse Works with Different Applications

Update the Application! When does the Logitech mouse scroll wheel only work in specific applications? Your browser or graphics editor software like Photoshop. It might even be in a video game. If you’ve updated your Logitech mouse driver and this doesn’t fix the problem, consider updating the application.

The apps you install on your computer have different ways of updating them. Often, you will find a link to the update page in the About menu, which will help you update the application if you need help finding a download link. To update video games, use a digital distribution service (e.g., Steam/Epic Games).

8. Disable Tablet Mode In Windows

Windows users may find that tablet mode interferes with mouse performance, affecting scrolling speed. In many cases, you may need to realize tablet mode is running (it’s not a feature on PC desktops or laptops). To disable tablet mode, follow these steps:

  1. On the taskbar, click the Action Center button.
  2. Find Tablet mode.
  3. Click to disable.
  4. If tablet mode is already disabled, click enable and deactivate again.

The seamlessly smooth Logitech mouse scroll wheel should now work.

9. Contact the Mouse Manufacturer

If you have tried all the methods above, but the problem persists, the problem is likely with the hardware. In this case, contact the Logitech Official Website to repair or replace it.


So that’s how to fix the Logitech mouse scroll not working correctly. By now, you should know about fixing the mouse scrolling up and down, jerky or unresponsive.

Using the abovementioned methods, you can fix the scroll wheel that is not working. If, after following the practices above, you are still experiencing problems, the mouse is most likely damaged.

Because repair costs are usually more expensive than buying a new mouse, we recommend contacting the official website for a replacement if it is still under warranty or purchasing a new mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the mouse scroll wheel not working?

Generally, a dirty or outdated mouse driver causes the mouse scroll wheel to stop working. You can try the fixes outlined in the article to fix the problem.

How do I fix a stuck scroll wheel?

Try opening the mouse and cleaning the driver. However, if you need to learn how to open it, you need help.

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