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Logitech Scribe Review

Logitech Scribe Software Download, Drivers, Manual Setup & Review – The pandemic has made the tech world focus on developing hardware and software that makes working remotely as easy as possible. But where the focus is on webcams and video conferencing platforms, Logitech is shifting focus to whiteboards with an AI-powered camera called Scribe.


Logitech Scribe uses a wall-mounted design and includes a wireless share button, mounting parts, power supply unit, and category cable for easy installation. Currently, Logitech Scribe is compatible with Microsoft Team Rooms and Zoom Rooms on the famous meeting app Zoom. Further support for other online meeting tools will be available, but users can still operate Scribe as a standalone camera via USB on a desktop or laptop. Logitech Scribe consists of a whiteboard-mounted camera (which looks like a lamp) and wireless buttons for easy sharing.



The camera can capture whiteboards up to six by four feet, and the built-in AI can “make the presenter transparent” so it doesn’t block the view of anyone watching from a distance. There’s also an intelligent detection system for other objects stuck to the board, such as Post-its, and the different colors of markers are improved to make them easier to see.

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The camera captures a dry surface measuring six by four feet (182.88 x 121.92 cm), and the AI ​​component makes the presenter transparent to other viewers, so nothing gets in the way of the board. In addition, AI enhances the color of the markers to make the content easier to read. Unlike actual classes or meetings, everyone gets a front-row view of the whiteboard with Logitech Scribe.



Scribe is readily available for purchase, but it’s certainly not cheap at $1,119. You get everything you need to get up and running, including mounting parts, power supplies, and “category cables for large-scale deployments.”

In terms of compatibility, the wireless button already works with Zoom Rooms, and Teams Rooms support will arrive later this year. However, being a USB camera, the Scribe works with almost every video conferencing platform. Starting August 6, 2021, Logitech Scribe can be found in Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Vietnam and available in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand.




  • H x W x D: 5.87 in (149 mm) x 4.69 in (119 mm) x 22.56 in (573 mm)
  • Weight: 2.43 lb (1.1 kg)

Power Injector

  • Height: 3.58 in (91 mm)
  • Width: 2.37 in (60.2 mm)
  • Depth: 1.43 in (36.3 mm)

Dongle Transceiver

  • H x W x D: 0.89 in (22.5 mm) x 1.22 in (31 mm) x 3.30 in (83.7 mm)
  • Cable length: 1.64 ft (500 mm)
  • Length: 5 m (16.4 ft)
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  • Certifications & Compatibility
  • Integrates with Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows and Zoom Rooms.
  • Compatible with virtually any video conferencing application as a USB-connected camera.


  • Output Resolution: 1080p at 15 fps
  • Built-In AI: Broadcasts AI-enhanced image stream into video meetings


  • Camera: Category Cable Port
  • Share Button: Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Power & Cables
  • Power supply: 100-240V auto-switching power supply


  • Whiteboard
  • Maximum Whiteboard Dimensions
  • Height: 4 ft (1.2 m)
  • Width: 6 ft (2 m)

Logitech Scribe Manual Setup Download:

Setup Guide (PDF)

Download Here

Logitech Scribe Software Download:

For Windows

Logitech Sync:
  • Software Version: 2.4.322
  • Last Update: 2021-06-10
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • File Size: 205MB

Download Here

For Mac

Logitech Sync:
  • Software Version: 2.4.322
  • Last Update: 2021-06-10
  • Operating System: Mac OS 11, Mac OS 10.15, Mac OS 10.14, Mac OS 10.13
  • File Size: 205MB

Download Here

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